I will learn the Book One of the lessons of the Bahai Faith with David under the introduction by Teck Cheng and Ming Hwee tomorrow evening. And this is the right time to begin a new category especially for ‘the Bahá’í Faith’, following are the posts in my website since I knew this religion:

狮城日志:大年初二 – Feb 08, 2008
it was the first time

Melic – Feb 23, 2008
How I know Melic

狮城日志:混沌 – Feb 24, 2008
the bahai faith friends

狮城日志:parties – Mar 04, 2008
Melic and Lalitha, parties

Origin of the Human Race – Mar 12, 2008
the new page for the Bahai Faith

First Youth For Peace Interfaith Symposium – Mar 16, 2008
one unity, one dream, one world, one human being

Naw Rúz – Mar 20, 2008
the Bahai Faith new year

狮城日志:这些天 – Mar 23, 2008
Melic, parties